Flu & Pneumonia

Influenza, or 'flu', is a highly contagious Acute viral infection that affects people of all ages. It typically starts suddenly with fever, chills, headache, aching muscles, general prostration and a cough or other respiratory symptoms. While most people recover without complications in 1-2 weeks, flu can cause serious illness and death, especially in the very young and the elderly. Flu epidemics occur mainly in the winter months and can result in widespread disruption to healthcare and other services. A vaccine is produced every year based on the strains of virus expected to be circulating and is recommended for "at risk" groups.

Flu Vaccinations

If you are 65 years and over or are under 65 years and included in an 'at risk' health group could you please telephone the practice to make an appointment. Each year around September we will publish details of the flu clinic dates and times on the practice website and in the waiting room.

If you are aged 65 and over or in an 'at risk’ health group and DO NOT wish to be offered a flu vaccine this year, please complete the online form. On receipt we will annotate your records accordingly.

Pneumonia Vaccination

The Streptococcus pneumonia bacterium can cause serious and life-threatening infections in those affected, regardless of age. It is commonest in the over 65s. This is a one-off jab and usually provides lifelong immunity (those without a spleen or suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome should have the jab every five years). If you are over 65 and would like a vaccination please call the Health Centre to arrange an appointment with a Practice Nurse.

Flu & Pneumonia Opt-out Form

If you DO NOT  wish to be offered a Winter 'flu vaccination or the pneumonia vaccination please complete the form below.  There are separate questions for both vaccinations so you can opt out of one or the other, or both if you wish.

Please note that opt out for flu would need to be done each year.

Flu & Pneumonia

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