This information is for regular patients only.  If you are registering as a temporary patient please contact the practice for the temporary patient registration process.



Once you have clicked on this, you put in your postcode into Postcode Check” and it will let you know if you are in or out of our boundary area.

2. ONLY IF YOU ARE IN OUR BOUNDARY AREA, print out the registration forms, there is an adult one and a child one.

For Adults you will need to return

For Children you will need

Patients can find their NHS number by visiting NHS Digital’s Find your NHS number page. Patients will need to input their first name, last name, date of birth and postcode.

Alternatively, if the email address or phone number shown to the patient are not correct, patients can also find their NHS number on the NHS App – this webpage includes instructions on how to download and register for the app for the first time.

3.       FOR THE TIME OF THE PANDEMENIC ONLY, you can supply a copy of council tax bill, tenancy agreement and bank statement that is less than 3 months old, along with photo ID, either passport/ driving licence etc.  These will then be destroyed after confirmation.      THEN THE FORMS CAN BE LEFT IN THE SHOTFIELD LETTERBOX

4.       Usually registration would be in person.

Other Useful Downloads:

Summary Care Record Benefits (PDF, 76KB)

Summary Care Record opt out form

Sutton Integrated Digital Care Record (PDF, 232KB)

What is a chaperone

Practice charter

All applicants should obtain the relevant forms and paperwork from our reception, which is open between 8.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday. All forms must be completed clearly and in full, otherwise they may be returned to you for further attention. We will require:

  • Your NHS number. (If you do not have this you will need to obtain it from your previous practice.)
  • The name of your previous doctor and the address of that practice.
  • One original item of identification displaying your own name and permanent address. This should be a current document (eg an bank statement, council tax bill or tenancy agreement) that is recent, ie dated in the last three months. Items that are not thus time-sensitive, such as a driving licence or passport, do not qualify.

Please do not submit any registration paperwork until it is complete and includes the necessary ID. Once you have submitted everything required you should allow 7-10 days for the registration process to be completed.

If you have recently moved to a new address and unable to provide recent proof of identity, please delay your application until this is available.

All patients registering who are over 16 years of age will be asked to see the Health Care Assistant for a brief new patient medical. The check allows us to familiarise ourselves with your past medical history and any current medical problems you may have. It also allows you to ask any questions you may have about the practice and the services that we offer. You will appreciate that it can take a few weeks for us to receive your records from your previous doctor, and it is important that we know of any significant history or particular problem that you may be suffering from.

You would normally be unable to see a GP or nurse here until your registration is complete.

If you are going to require repeat medication soon after registration without seeing a doctor please obtain full details from your previous GP and pass it to the receptionist with your written repeat prescription request. We will be unable to issue repeat prescriptions without an appointment with a doctor if this information is not provided.

Please ensure your personal information is always kept up to date and inform us immediately of any changes.

Once registered, we have an online service for booking and cancelling routine appointments with the doctors and repeat ordering of standard items of medication (not changes).

NHS Organ Donor Register

If you wish to join the NHS Organ Donor Register you should please go to and do so online or telephone 0300 123 2323. This is not done at the Practice.

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